How to Make Daily Money Online From Domain Name Parking Business in Nigeria

If you own a blog and are having issues on how to make money off your traffic, try domain name parking business: the simplest internet business you can start in less than an hour.

In my previous article - 3 fast secrets to make money blogging online, I wrote a short report on how I make money with this blog in which one of them is Domain name parking business.

As a proof that this internet blogging secret is real and genuine, find the snapshot of my domain parking account from 1st-18th of August 2014 showing $57.26 (N9, 276) from N1920.

This is just a snapshot of part of August earnings. If you multiply this by 12 that will be an estimated earnings hovering around $600 - $800 per year. At least, it can finance part of your flat rent. LOL!


Domain parking is the a business of registering domain names with internet domain registrar with a view to selling an advertising space to online brands instead of building a website and generate income from every clicks on the advert.

For instance, I have a domain name - which I registered for $10.8 with my Payoneer MasterCard in July with a domain parking company.

By leveraging the existing traffic I receive on my blog, I generate an average of $2, $3 to $5 per day without selling anything but just an advert space on the internet. 

Here is a snapshot of my domain parking site:

7 Benefits of Domain Parking
1. Conversions
When you park a domain name you will be able to make money very easily because of the targeted ads placed on the domain name. The best part is you don’t have to sell anything in order to earn daily money from the domain name.
2. Income
The major reason to use domain parking while you are waiting to develop the site is for income. The domain name does you no good if it is just sitting there empty. You need to be making something from it and many domain parking companies will offer you a nice percentage of the profits they make. Even if this just covers your expenses it is better than losing money on a domain you are not ready to use.
3. Very Little Set Up
Parking a domain is very easy and you will not have to spend hours upon hours trying to set up a website to make a little money. All you have to do is sign up with a domain parking company and let them do the rest.
4. No Contract
Since you own the domain name and you may be using it for a website in the near future you don’t want to commit to a year of parking or even longer. Most domain parking companies have no contract and you can work with them on a day to day or month to month basis. This gives you the ability to move or develop the domain whenever you are ready to do so.
5. Makes your Domain More Valuable
Since there will already be traffic and money coming from day one, your domain will become more valuable to you when you are ready to use it. The search engines can find a parked domain and will actually index it. This is not the case if you just leave it blank.
6. No Real Maintenance
With domain parking you can literally set it up and forget about it until you are ready to develop the domain. You just sign up for an account and let the company parking your domain do the rest.
7. International
The final thing you benefit from with a parked domain is that anybody across the world can find your domain and access it.
Domain Parking is Not a Waste of your Time
Considering you may only pay a few dollars for your domain name you may be thinking parking it is going to be a waste. What if you spend 10 minutes signing up for a domain parking account and you end up making 5 times what you spent on the domain name. This would make it worth it and you can make much more than this.
It is a good way to start generating some revenue right away from any domain name and it is a solid way to start getting some traffic. When you decide to develop the domain name you can go directly from parked to live and the traffic will still come in.

Here are a 3 steps to start this business and make daily money on autopilot without selling anything.

1. Choose a high-paying domain name

2. Park the domain name with a good domain parking company

3. Drive traffic from Google.