How to Make Money with Mobile Traffic on your Blog

If you having not been monetizing your mobile traffic, there is high chance that you are loosing over 80% of the potential income you would should be generating for you.

Why did I say this?

Over 80% of internet traffics are now coming from mobile phones which is outperforming desktop visitors in a recent study carried out my a mobile internet expert in the US. 

You will agree with me that mobile phone is portable and easily carried to anywhere, anytime. When you are seeking quick answers to questions that bothers you,where do you go to? Google search on your mobile.

This is where most of my internet traffic is coming from as shown below:

I saw a great opportunity to monetize my mobile traffic by partnering with a premium mobile advertising network. 

All I did was to apply for a pay per click ads, insert the mobile advert code sent to me on my mobile templates and saw the earnings roll in from then.

Here is a snapshot of my result since I started monetizing my mobile traffic:

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