Gas Cooker Prices List in Nigeria - LG Samsung Binatone Ignis Scanfrost Gas Cooker on Konga

Where To Buy Gas Cooker And Pay On Delivery:

Are you looking for a quality and reliable Gas Cooker with or without an oven to buy online, get to delivered to you while you pay on delivery here in Nigeria? Here is a short and concise review of Gas Cooker brands in Nigeria.

From LG Samsung, Binatone, Scanfrost, Polystar, Ignis, Beko, there are hundreds of range gas cookers to choose from an online store, including dual fuel, gas, and electric range cookers and some with fast-heating induction hobs. This guide will help you work out exactly which type of range cooker is best for you and your home.

Which type of cooker is best for me?

If you're not yet sure whether you want a range cooker or standard cooker, this tip buying guide will help you decide which type is most suited to you. If you already know what you need, head straight to range of quality gas cooker online to see which models score best in our tests. 

Where To Buy Gas Cooker And Pay On Delivery:

If you know you want a range cooker but aren't sure where to start, read on.

Range cooker sizes

Range cookers are bigger than freestanding cookers - most are 90cm, 100cm or 110cm wide and come with between five and eight hob rings or burners, two ovens, a grill and a warming or storage drawer.
Large range cookers tend to have four separate compartments, comprising two ovens, a large grill, and a heated warming drawer or storage drawer for pots and pans. They generally have six to eight burners.
Smaller range cookers need to fit these features into a more condensed space, so they generally have two ovens, a grill, and a five or six-burner hob. You can find some range cookers with just one oven, but this provides less of a true range-cooking experience.
Mini range cookers are range cookers by name but not in size - they’re actually just the same size as a standard freestanding model (60cm), but have the looks of a larger range cooker.

Where To Buy Gas Cooker And Pay On Delivery:

You can compare range cooker features and prices to find the type of range cooker you need at the right price.

Range cooker fuels

  • Dual fuel cookers: dual-fuel range cookers have a gas hob and an electric oven, with an easy-to-control and quick-to-heat gas hob and an evenly heating electric oven. This is the most popular type of range cooker.
  • Electric range cookers: most electric range cookers have one or more ovens with an oven fan, which helps to spread the heat around the oven. If your oven has a fan it’s going to heat up more quickly - this means you can reduce the cooking temperature and cooking times.
  • Electric induction range cookers: electric range cookers with an induction hob heat quickly and efficiently. When you cook with induction, the hob zones themselves don’t get hot. But you’ll need iron-based pans, such as stainless steel if you’re cooking on an induction hob.
  • Gas range cookers: gas range cookers are the cheapest to cook with. The hops on gas cookers are easy to control and provide instant heat when you need it. Gas range cookers and dual fuel cookers will need to be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer.
Gas is cheaper to cook with than electricity.

Range cooker features

  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning: range cookers with a pyrolytic self-cleaning program heat to around 400°C and incinerate oven waste. All you need to do afterwards is sweep away the ash. If a cooker comes with pyrolytic self-cleaning, this will be shown on the dial or the control panel.
  • Catalytic self-cleaning: catalytic self-cleaning linings absorb oven spills and splashes, break them down and burn them off during cooking.
  • Multi-function ovens: many range cookers come with multi-function ovens, which allow you to cook with a variety of heat sources independently or in combination, such as the grill and fan together.
  • Fan ovens: most electric or dual-fuel range cookers come with a fan to distribute the heat evenly around the oven. On cookers with two electric ovens, one usually has a fan and the other is conventionally heated by upper and lower heating elements
Finally, if you want to experience peace and stay fire-free at home, I will advise that you order your gas cooker from a reliable dealer online, pay on delivery and get a warranty on purchase.

Where To Buy Gas Cooker And Pay On Delivery: