Sit Up Bench Price in Nigeria - Sit Up Bench for Sale

Are you looking for  sit-up bench fitness equipment for sale in Nigeria for regular stomach exercise? 

Get the stomach you've always wanted with ease by using the sit up bench. Can build up your abdominal muscles and your abdominal muscle strength. complete with hook for hand held weights, this is part of the excellent equipment addition for your home gym

How to use sit up bench effectively.

The sit-up bench, sometimes called a decline sit-up bench, suspends your upper body lower than your hips and thighs, forcing your hip flexors or abs to work against gravity at a different angle as you perform sit-ups or crunches. Some sit-up benches are set at a fixed decline angle, but if you see a spring-loaded pin anywhere on the bench, you can use that pin to adjust the bench to one of several decline angles.


The rectus abdominus, the long strap of abdominal muscle that runs from your ribs to your pelvis, flexes your spine. When doing sit-ups you’re flexing at the hips, not the spine, so your hip flexors, not your abs, are responsible for the primary movement. But your abs still work to keep your torso straight as you move through the sit-up motion.

To do sit-ups on a sit-up bench, slide your feet underneath the foot pads, knees over the peak of the bench, and slowly lie back on the bench until your back nearly touches the padding. Flex at the hips until your torso is vertical again. Keep your abs tight throughout the motion.

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