House of Tara Online Shopping - Make Up Kits and Products in Nigeria

House of Tara is our very own make-up brand in Nigeria which is dedicated to serving individuals who want to improve their looks through the means of cosmetics. 

The brand has become a household name in Nigeria and West Africa through the means of enriching the lives of young women by providing them with quality products to enhance their self-esteem and beauty. Explore the large selection of original make-up products we have for you at Jumia from House of Tara to have the exotic right shade of skin colour. 

Apply a House of Tara powder to your face and notice instant beauty that you can be proud of.

House of Tara Make-up at Jumia

Discover House of Tara make-up at Jumia that ranges from powder, concealer to eye liner and pencil, lipstick, foundation, brush and much more that are perfect for your skin. 
Enhance your skin and look your best when going out with original make-up that will make you stand out and grab the attention of everyone immediately you open the door of the club.

The various lipsticks have an even blend of pretty gloss that glides effortlessly on your lips and come in various sheer hues that will make your lips luscious and inviting. Look beautiful with House of Tara cosmetics that brighten up a tired face, cover up unsightly sunburns, spots and provide a smooth long-wearing invisible coverage for all skin blemishes. 

Be confident with your looks when you use the make-up and step out of your door looking flawless and beautiful.

If you are looking for quality make up products from House of Tara online, order and pay on delivery to your door step, Jumia store has all the collections you need to enhance your beauty and be admired.