BlackBerry Bold 5 9900 Price in Nigeria - New and Used BlackBerry Phones

Discover the amazing BlackBerry Bold 5 9900 Phones and Price in Nigeria - Black or White.

If there is one BlackBerry phone to choose from as my preferable lifetime phone, it is BlackBerry Bold 5 9900 phone. Loved by many, used by all, the BlackBerry bold 5 is strong, durable and well designed for Nigeria BB Lovers.

Here are the features and specifications of BB Bold 5 9900 Phone in Nigeria

Need a quality and high tech smartphone‎?‎ Come purchase the latest Blackberry Bold 5 9900 smartphone on Jumia at a cheap price‎,‎ and experience smartness in mobile device‎.‎ 

This piece of smart mobile device defines smartness‎,‎ with the latest Blackberry Operating System 7‎;‎ it has high quality functions that makes you get so much of connection and experience smartness of a mobile phone‎.‎ It is not just a mobile phone‎,‎ it fast data processing device‎.‎ With its 1.2GHz processor capacity‎,‎ you get your data processed fast and smartly‎.‎ You do not need to keep waiting for a data to keep loading‎,‎ with this smart mobile device‎,‎ it answers as you click‎.‎

The smartphone also comes with 768MB‎,‎ 8GB RAM and which can also be expanded to about 32GB with a Micro SD card which enables you to store as many data‎,‎ applications‎,‎ videos‎,‎ music‎,‎ and video as you wish‎.‎ You do not need a computer to store or save files‎,‎ because with this high quality smart phone‎,‎ you have your own mobile computer‎.‎ The sleek smartphone is also designed with 2.8 inch touch screen‎,‎ and 640 x 480 pixels‎,‎ which gives you better viewing of your smart device‎.‎

In order for you to get the best of picture and video quality in your mobile‎,‎ the smartphone comes with 5 megapixel digital camera enhanced for the perfect and exclusive view‎.‎ 

This smartphone also has a Wi‎-Fi calling function which helps you get things done‎,‎ FM Radio function which enables you enjoy information and entertainment at your fingertips‎.‎

In addition‎,‎ the phone has other feature that makes it stand out from smartness‎;‎ it comes with a mobile hotspot function which makes productivity so easy‎.‎ With the hotspot function‎,‎ you can connect to as much as 5 Wi‎-Fi enabled devices in a spot‎;‎ you can also get documents from your playbook tablet while tethering its from your smartphone even as you have 3 other devices connected at once‎.‎ With the blackberry tag function‎,‎ you can easily share documents‎,‎ pictures‎,‎ videos‎,‎ music‎,‎ files‎,‎ contact information and even invite a friend to BBM‎,‎ by just tapping your near field connection enabled smartphone to another smartphone that has same connection and you are ready to connect‎.