Electric Mosquito Killer Machine Price in Nigeria - Mosquito Repellent Trap

Discover the latest electric mosquito killer machine, pest control repellent and trap in Nigeria.

You don't have to slap your hands again or guide your baby through out the night because of dangerous blood sucking mosquito. 

Today, I will be sharing the latest electronic mosquito and pest control machine that once activated, will do the whole job for you, give you a mosquito-free environment while you enjoy the silent sleep you and your family have always longed for.

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Product details

Total eradication of Mosquitoes and other flying Pests.
Suitable for Municipal area, garden, yard, bungalows, Camping Restaurants, Living area etc. 
Mosquitoes are collected in the Storage by the airflow of the fans. No radio interference, no high-voltage, no fumes, no smell, no sprays

Mikachi Alloy Mosquito Insect Killer Lamp - 

Key Features 
  • Easy-clean aluminium alloy chassis
  •  Optional stainless-steel finish on AVIK40PX 40W model
  •  Wall-mount or ceiling suspended
OPK Mosquito Killer Night Lamp S-PK-0205 - 

Key Features 
  •  100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Direct Plug-In
  • Maintenance Free
  • Requires No Chemicals, Mats or Sprays
OPK Mosquito Killer Night Lamp - Efficient 4-LED - 

Key Features 
  • Material: PVC plastic, circuit boards
  • Type of plug: EU plug
  • Work voltage range: 220V/ 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 12x6.5x2.8cm

Electrical Mosquito & Pest Trap | Hanging

Electrical Mosquito And Pest Trap | Black

Mosquito Extractor

You can also select from wide varieties of mosquito and pest control products on sale online.