Top Android Phones and Price in Nigeria 2015 - Top Smartphones in 2015

Discover Top Android Phones in Nigeria and Their Price in 2015

Where to Buy Android Phones Online:

The year 2014 is almost over and we have seen a tremendous growth in new android phones introduced in the Nigeria market.

From my affiliate sales account, I sold more of Android Phones than BlackBerry and Apple Phones this year.

As 2015 is just around the corner, top tech industry watchers like me having been looking at how the smartphone market will play. No doubt, android mobile phone will continue to outsell other tech devices but what android phone maker do we see selling more is what we can't predict accurately.

But to a reasonable extent, we strongly believe you can still use the past market trend and statistics to forecast the future but not without error. Based on this assertion, I present my personal most likely top android phones to watch in 2015. 

These mobile phones still have lots of acceptability and potential in Nigeria market space.

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Smartphones

2. Tecno Android Phones - View More Tecno Android Phones

3. Infinix Android Phones - View More Infinix Android Phones

4. HTC Android Phones - View More HTC Android Phones

5. Nokia Android Phones - View More Nokia Phones

6. LG Android Phones - View More LG Android Phones

If you are looking for cheap android phones to buy in 2015, here is a guide on where to find Samsung, HTC, Tecno, Infinix, LG and Nokia android phones online.