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Gym Equipment Sales Price in Nigeria - Fitness and Exercise Gym Dealers - Buy Online at Cheap Price - Treadmill Dumb Bell Crazy massager Exercise Bike Sit Up Bench.

Are you looking for new or used gym equipment to install for home or commercial use with current price? In this post, I will be sharing tips on the best fitness and exercise gym equipment on sale right now from reliable dealers, where to find price, order and pay on delivery.

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Best Selling Gym and Fitness Equipment in Nigeria:

Magnetic Bike | GG-6.9A

Product details:

This exercise bike is ideal for improving your cardiovascular fitness whilst toning up your lower body, it’s great for use within the home and has little impact on your hips, knees and ankles. With magnetic resistance and 8 levels of tension, This exercise bike offers plenty of range to accommodate all types of fitness. This bike provides a smooth, quiet exercising experience which tracks your progress on the board computer. It allows you to see your speed, distance traveled and calories burned. 

Ellptical Orbitrac With Seat and stepper | GG-8.2GAST

Product details

Elliptical Orbitrac is perfect for apartments or limited areas, where space saving is a priority. It will provide a low impact upper and lower body workout. Elliptical Orbitrac combines waist slimming cardiac with the power of resistance training all in one revolutionary machine, so you get an awesome muscle sculpting and calorie burning workout at the same time. 

Massage Chair | GJ-002

Product details

1.High-end massage chair function     
2.Three auto mode,full body massage functions. manual adjustment mode      
3.Classic armrest design for customer of all ages.     
4.Seat Air bag massage,with vibration    
5.Heating on the backrest option.       
6.Foot Roller and sole massage.  
7.Backrest robot mechanical rollers,Knocking, Kneading ,Shiatsu massage
8.Separate airbag armrest option.

Sit Up Bench for Flat Tummy & Stomach Exercises

Product details

The Adjustable Sit Up Bench is suitable for stomach exercises, targeting various abdominal muscles to achieve a Flat Tummy and burn thoes Tummy fat. The adjustable Sit up bench gives you greater adjustable Sit-Up-Trainings to
  • Achieve greater result and
  • Faster result

Sole F85 Commercial Treadmill

Product details

Also rated as a "Best Buy", the F85 treadmill is reviewed by the Treadmill Dr. as "The Best Folding Treadmill". The top model in the folding series and SOLE's number one seller, the F85 treadmill incorporates all the specs of the F83 plus features the highest horse power motor that Sole offers. A truly impressive 4.0 HP Continuous Duty HP motor with output and performance second to none. 

Tummy Trimmer:

Product details

  • High quality tummy trimmer with heavy duty double springs
  • It is a very effective product for trimming tummy, strengthening arms, legs
  • Length: 14.5-inches.

American Fitness Crazy Massager:

Product details

  • Activates Entire Body, Relieves Tiredness Quickly 
  • Excellent Body Shaper Melts Away Mass Body Fat
  • Soothes Insomnia Efficiently, Helps You Unwind
  • Stimulates Alvine, Enhances Digestion
  • Increases Blood Flow To Keep Healthy
  • Activates Joints, Soothes Arthritis Ache 
  • Improves Tone Of Pelvic Floor Musculature Reducing The Effects Of Stress Incontinence.
  • Improves Intestinal Movement And Helps To Relieve Constipation.
  • Rehabilitates Atrophied Articular Muscles Post Injury/Surgery
  • Increases Basal Metabolism, Stabilizing Body Weight

Elliptical Bike With Stepper,Dumbbell And Twister

Multi Function Recumbent Elliptical with seat & back Support - 4 handle is very strong, original and durable brand new imported Multi-Orbitrac Elliptical Cardio CyScling Exercise Bike .It comes with a Waist Twister, Mini-Stepper, 4 handles,. Use this exercise bike for 20 minutes per day work-out for 30 days and experience a reduction of about 2kg or more. Its a combination of twister, stepper, dumbbells with dual action handle bars, combine cycling with rowing action.

2.5 Treadmill with Massager Incline and M3 Praise

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