BetterMe App Download From MTN Nigeria

Get BetterMe App Download From MTN Nigeria

The world is fast changing, with technology taking over our everyday lives. Access to the internet provides opportunities that enable individuals  attain greater heights and do a whole lot of things faster and better with less effort.
There is need to stay ahead of the game and to be up-to-date with global trends, hence access to information is KING for 2015. 
The good news is that MTN is leading in the delivery of a bold new digital world for her customers, providing them with limitless access to the internet and the power to do more. In 2015, MTN is focused on
delivering digital products and services designed to make the lives of her customers a whole lot brighter.
MTN will be your partner, assisting you every step of the way to become a better you with the power of the internet. You can become a better farmer, a better doctor, teacher, trader, student etc. with the
limitless opportunities available on the internet.
One of such applications designed to enable customers achieve greater things in 2015 is the My2015 App.

My2015 App
provides easy access to a variety of digital content and offers MTN subscribers a single platform to access, view and share their New Year Resolutions &
Must-do, 2015 Prophesies, Events, News, Daily Deals, Gossips, Healthy Living and Lifestyle.
The App, in addition to the various services that it provides, also comes with data bundle packages to enable users enjoy a wide range of the Apps’ features. Various offerings such as free data, voice and SMS
offerings have been included into the App to make it more appealing to our customers.