Free Kijiji Mobile App for Android BlackBerry Nokia iPhone iPad Pc Canada

Get Free Kijiji Mobile App Download for Android BlackBerry Nokia iPhone iPad Pc Canada

Take Canada’s #1 classifieds site with you, so you can buy and sell new or used items wherever you go! 

The Kijiji Classifieds app empowers you to:
− Buy or sell almost anything! Shop for cars, snowmobiles, ATVs, boats, furniture, textbooks, computers, phones, sporting goods, bikes, motorbikes, baby items, jewelry, tickets, home appliances, electronics and more
− Find a new apartment or tenants in our rental category
− Buy or sell a house, cottage, condo or acreage 
− Adopt a dog, cat, horse, or bird from registered shelters or breeders
− Get more leads for your business by advertising to your local area
− Find a new job or post your resume
− Find nearby tradesmen or service providers, including plumbers, cleaners, tutors, music lessons, pet sitters, house sitters, babysitters, childcare or nannies, real estate agents, electricians, painters, arborists, roofers and more.

The key features in the app are as follows:
− Post ads easily with photos right from your device camera and Photo library
− Access My Kijii – Sign in to manage your ads i.e. view, edit, delete and Promote your ad. One can buy features such as Bump Up, Top ad, Urgent or Highlight ad by using your credit card
− Search and browse for items/ services in a province, city or sub area.
• Refine results by price & other key attributes
• Sort results by date, price and distance
− Recent Searches allows access your most previous searches quickly
− Sync Watchlists, Sign in and sync your watched items with 
− Reply to and call sellers directly
− Share ads with your friends and social networks
− Support for both English and French speaking users