5 Best Antivirus App for Samsung Galaxy s2 s3 s4 s5 Note 2 Note3 Tab 2 Android Mobile - Free AVG Kapersky Norton Avast Mobile Internet Security.

After buying your preferred Samsung Galaxy Android Phone, protecting your phone OS is the next best thing to do. Despite Android’s secured internal security, its still advisable that you have an extra security around for those just-in-case scenarios. It also hurt that many android phones doesn't come packaged with antivirus Android apps. In this review, I bring you the list of best Samsung Galaxy free antivirus app download.

  • Totally free with ad support.
  • Scans and deletes threats and keeps an eye out for others with features like privacy adviser.
  • Has functionality to clean devices from old files left behind by apps, corrupted files, and other trash that should be gone.
  • Built in data monitor for those who need that.
  • Helps users avoid WebView vulnerability by recommending Google Chrome to people who still use the old browser (Android 4.0-4.3).

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