Best Place To Buy Cheap Land In Lagos State Nigeria

Best Place To Buy Land In Lagos Nigeria - Where To Buy Cheap Land For Land In Lagos State - Price Of Plot of Land In Lagos

Are you for the best location or where to buy Land in Lagos to avoid Scam, government take-over or conflict with Omonile boys? As I was doing a quick glance on a real estate website in Nigeria, I stumbled on helpful tips that shield you from wasting your time, energy and resources on Land that may not be yours.

Here are steps to take before you make payment for a land:

  • Consult an agent for details or history of the particular areas where you wish to make a purchase.
  • Let your lawyer carry out a search on the land otherwise, you can hold meetings with the family that owns the land in company of an experienced legal practitioner for further enquiry.
  • Go for site inspection and also consider other critical factors that could enhance fast development before you make payment for the land.
  • Check proximity to your office or business or future prospect of the land if its for investment purpose.
  • Check soil texture to know if you will be able to match the financial task required if the soil is waterlogged and needs filling, and if you are going for a storey building, can you afford the type of foundation that will be required?
  • Consider the probable commercial value of the land in nearest future.
  • Consider nearness to high tension cable (wires). By law, you are required to leave out at least 60m from high tension cables.
  • Check proximity of site to petroleum pipeline.
  • Check proximity to major roads. If your site is too close, and the road is expanded in the future, it may affect your property.

  • Consider the level of the ground to the surrounding environment; that is the topography. Is your site at the lowest level to the neighboring sites, would runoff water likely to converge on your site when the place is fully developed?
  • Check for adequate drainage plan system in the area.
  • If you are okay with the land after having met most of these requirements above. Get your land surveyor to accompany you to the site with his instruments.
  • Take possession of your land by taking off with your project immediately with at least the erection of a fence.
  • Go with a camera or recording gadget when you want to make payment for future security reason.
  • Ensure that every discussions and payments are properly recorded particularly when transacting on land without a title document from the Omo oniles- natives.
  • You can arrange with the natives- omo onile for deferred or staggered payments depending on the quantity and purpose of the purchases.
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