How To Receive Money In Nigeria From Abroad - Western Union Moneygram WorldRemit - Send Payment To Nigeria Online.

If you have been wondering how easy it is for you to receive money from Abroad and get paid in your Nigeria Naira, This money transfer review will surely help you.

I own a blog and some of my affiliate income are paid in US Dollars which I receive in local currency via a very close friend in Finland.

Our Preferred Money Transfer Method:

We use WorldRemit, which from my personal experience is cheaper, safer and faster than Western Union Nigeria & Money Gram Nigeria

How WorldRemit Works:

Easy as 1-2-3

Sending money with WorldRemit is quick, simple and secure. There are three easy stages:
step 1Select country
Tell us the country you’re sending money to, how you would like the recipient to get their money and how much you want to send. Our fees and guaranteed exchange rates are clearly displayed.
step 2Add recipient details
Choose from a list of people you’ve sent to in the past, or add a new recipient by entering their name, address and other relevant information such as bank account number.
step 3Send money
Decide how you would like to pay for the transfer then confirm the amount. Both you and the recipient will get notifications by SMS/e-mail when the money is sent and received.

Before receiving your the cash direct to your bank account, WorldRemit calculates the Naira equivalent using the prevalent exchange rate as at transfer date.

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