Airtel Data Bundle Plan for Android Phones - Daily Weekly Monthly Subscription Bundle Code for Samsung Galaxy Tecno HTC Android Phones.

Are you using Airtel as your preferred carrier network and looking for the best subscription data plan designed for your Android phones? Here is a guide on how to get daily, weekly or monthly data plan on your device.

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Android Bundles

The Android Bundles are designed to help you get more from your Android device. With the Android bundle you will never have to worry about how much data you consume.
The Android Bundle allows you to enjoy browsing the way you like.

To activate the 2GB Android bundle @ N2000 for 30days, simply dial *437#
To activate the 4.5GB Android bundle @ N3500 for 30days, simply dial *438#
To check your Android data balance, simply dial *223#

1 kobo/kb from 9:59pm - 5:59am & 1.5 kobo/kb from 5:59am - 9:59pm

Please read this FAQ from Airtel Nigeria:

Question: What is the Android Bundles?
Answer: The Android bundle is specifically designed to cater to the data needs of Android users on the Airtel network

Question: What devices can access the Android Bundles?
Answer: Any device running on the Android OS can use the bundles

Question: Who can subscribe to Android Bundles?
Answer: All Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can subscribe to the  Android bundles.

Question: How do I get an Android Bundle?
Answer: To start using this service, customers need to activate via the USSD or SMS short codes

Below are the details:
(Peak/Off Peak)
Burn RateUSSD
Android 2.0 Bundle2GB2,0006 a.m. - 9:59 p.m.1.5 kobo/ KB*437#30 days
10 p.m. – 5:59 a.m.1 kobo/ KB
Android 4.5 Bundle4.5GB3,5006 a.m. - 9:59 p.m.1.5 kobo/ KB*438#30 days
10 p.m. – 5:59 a.m.1 kobo/ KB

Question: How do I check the my Android Bundle balance?
Answer: Simply dial *223# to check your balance

Question: Will my subscription terminate automatically after my AIRTEL Webpass expires?
Answer: Yes. Upon expiry, your subscription will be automatically terminated, and then you will be redirected to the Purchase Page where you can extend the current package or opt for another package.

Question: Will my subscription renew automatically after it expires?
Answer: Yes, autorenewal will occur as long as you have the requisite airtime.

Question: If I do not exhaust my Android bundle before it expires, will I be able to carry forward the remaining unused data?
Answer: No, you will not be able to carry forward the unused data. However, if you purchase another Android bundle before expiry, the data will be accumulated (added to)

Question: Can the Android Bundle be used on other devices?
Answer: Yes, the Android Bundle can be used on other devices
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Question: Will I be cut off when the data volume subscribed for expires or is consumed?
Answer: Subsequent to expiration or complete consumption of the Android bundle, you will be charged at PAYU rates of 5kobo per kilobyte for further internet activity.  

Question: Can the Android Bundle be used outside the country?
Answer: No, this is not possible.

I bought the Android Bundle but it doesn't work?
Try this:
  1. Check that you have the right APN settings –
  2. Check that your mobile data connection is turned on
  3. Contact Customer Service on 121 if you have other questions.

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