Prices Of LED TV in Nigeria - Buy Samsung LG Sony Sharp Online

Prices Of Led TV in Nigeria - Buy Cheap Samsung LG Sony Sharp Online In Lagos AbujaPlasma LCD Television Price List On Jumia Konga

If you are planning to buy a LED flat screen television and wondering what it will cost you to get a quality TV, this guide review will provide all the necessary information you need to make decision on which LED television to order: like features and current price offers.

The price of all these TV designs depends on their screen size, inbuilt panel, available ports and screen resolution.

Where To Order LED Television Online & Pay On Delivery

Please note that price may change from time to time, that is why I have shared a link on where to find the current price offers of each LED TV brand as at today online:

LG LED Plasma 3D TV prices

  • LG 22-inch LED TV - From N25,000
  • LG 24-inch LED TV - From N35,000 
  • LG 32-inch LED TVs - From N45,000
  • LG 32-inch LED TVs - From N66,000 
  • LG 39-inch LED TV - From N73,000
  • LG 42-inch LED TV - From 100,000
  • LG 42-inch Plasma TV - From N66,000
  • LG 47-inch LED TV - From N131,000
  • LG 50-inch LED TV -  From N150,000
  • LG 55-inch LED TV - From N323,000
  • LG 60-inch LED TV - From N325,000
  • LG 60-inch Plasma TV - From N182,000
  • LG 65-inch LED TV - From N1.06 million
  • LG 84-inch LED TV - From N2.1 million

Samsung LED Plasma TV prices

  • Samsung 32-inch LED TVs - From N44,000
  • Samsung 32-inch LED TVs - From N85,000
  • Samsung 23-inch LED TV - From N35,000
  • Samsung 39-inch LED TV - From N85,000
  • Samsung 40-inch LED TV - From 55,000
  • Samsung 43-inch LED TV - From N65,000
  • Samsung 46-inch LED TV - From N115,000
  • Samsung 50-inch LED TV - From N340,000
  • Samsung 51-inch Plasma TV - From N85,000
  • Samsung 55-inch LED TV - From N310,000
  • Samsung 60-inch Plasma TV - From N324,000
  • Samsung 64-inch Plasma TV - From N625,000
  • Samsung 65-inch LED TV - From N835,000

Sony Bravia LED TV prices

  • Sony 24-inch LED TV - From N46,000
  • Sony 32-inch LED TVs - From N65,000
  • Sony 40-inch LED TV - From N92,000
  • Sony 42-inch LED TV - From N105,000
  • Sony 46-inch LED TV - From N145,000
  • Sony 47-inch LED TV - From N176,000
  • Sony 70-inch LED TV - From N835,000

HiSense LED TV prices

  • HiSense 32-inch LED TVs - From N45,000
  • HiSense 39-inch LED TV - From N99,000
  • HiSense 42-inch LED TV - From N117,000
  • HiSense 50-inch LED TV - From N143,000
  • HiSense 55-inch LED TV - From N277,000
  • HiSense 84-inch LED TV - From 2.1 million
If you want to get the best LED TV without paying extra cost for repairs and maintenance, it is advisable that you order from authorized dealers with warranty. This will help you avoid buying from roadside dealers who couple fake LED TV and sub-standard panels.