Swift Modem Price In Nigeria - Best 4G Internet Lite Broadband Modem

Swift Modem Price In Nigeria - Best 3G 4G Internet Lite Broadband Modem To Use Online In Nigeria - Single & Multi-Users Swift Internet Services In Lagos

Swift Networks has built a brand known with high-speed broadband internet services in Nigeria. It is no doubt the most popular internet service providers in Lagos. They are very popular among small and medium sized businesses that require reliable and fast broadband internet for daily operation.

Swift Networks' broadband internet is based on 4G WIMAX and is available in 1Mbps, 2Mbps, and 3Mbps.

If you are looking for Swift Modem in Nigeria, this guide will help you select the best modem offers:

Where To Buy Swift Modem And Pay On Delivery:

Swift Modem Price Offers:
SWIFT Multi-User Communication Hub - 3GB Swift Economy - 

Key Features
  • Multi-User Communication Hub
  • Plan: Economy
  • Data Capacity Allowed‎:‎ 3GB
  • Validity Period‎: 1 Month
SWIFT Basic - 10GB Data Capacity - 

Key Features
  • Colour: White
  • Basic Content: 1 Modem
  • N10,000 for 1Month Subscription

SWIFT The Normad Standard - 7GB Swift Night - 

Key Features

  • Nomad Standard
  • Plan: Night - 6pm‎‐8am‎,‎ Daily
  • Data Capacity Allowed‎:‎ 7GB 
  • Validity Period‎: 1 Month

SWIFT Nomad (MiFi) - 

Key Features
  • Simultaneously connect up to ten Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Plug and Play
  • With rechargeable battery that provides up to eight hours service without mains power.

Swift Internet Plan Prices

  • Swift Liberty Internet Data Plan (7 days, 150MB, 2Mbps) - N500
  • Swift Liberty Plus Internet Plan (30 days, 750MB, 2Mbps) - N2000
  • Swift Basic Mini Plan (30 days, 2GB, 2Mbps) - N4,000
  • Swift Lite Internet Data Plan (6pm - 8am, 5GB, 2Mbps) - N3,500
  • Swift Home Plan (6pm - 8am plus weekends & holidays, 10B, 2Mbps) - N6,000
  • Swift Home Plus Plan (same as Home Plan, 17GB, 2Mbps) - N8,000
  • Swift Basic Internet Plan (30 days, 10GB, 2Mbps) - N10,000
  • Swift Professional Internet Plan (30 days, 15GB, 2Mbps) - N15,000
  • Swift Premium Internet Data Plan (30 days, 50GB, 2Mbps) - N52,000
  • Swift Business Internet Plan (30 days, 80MB, 2Mbps) - N75,000
  • Swift Max Internet Plan (30 days, 150GB, 2Mbps) - N130,000
  • Swift Office Internet Plan (7am - 7pm, unlimited, 2Mbps) - N12,000
  • Swift Value Internet Data Plan (30 days, 30GB, 2Mbps) - N25,000
  • Swift Business & Family Plan (6pm - 8am plus weekends, 23GB, 2Mbps) - N500

Where To Buy Swift Modem And Pay On Delivery: