Where I Invest My Money During Recession - Make More Money

Where I Invest My Money During Recession - 4 Profitable Advice You Can Follow to Make More Money In Recession - Strategies to Earn More US Dollars Income

Someone once asked me a very important question, 'Where do you invest your money during a recession? I stood for a minute, walked around and said to myself, this is a very important question.

As a business growth person who runs successful businesses online and earns in US dollars, I shared important tips on how to channel his money to the best environment without leaving any room for inflationary or exchange rate risk.

Here are my secrets to successful investing during a recession.

1.  During a recession, a country's currency tends to lose value compared to a stronger economy; As reported by CBN yesterday (29th Nov 2016), Naira loses 85% of its value to US dollar in 2 years. The best advice here, open a US domiciliary account and start saving in US dollars as this will help you make more money when Naira falls. For instance, I bought 100USD when $1 equals N197 2 years ago and now that the exchange rate is N480, that translates to N48,000 (+27,300 profit).

2. Start a Business with your money; A lot of people now prefer to buy things a cheaper rate which means used items are now HOT. Why not think of a product people are finding it difficult to buy and start selling used version; for instance smartphones.

4. Start Earning US Dollar Income: Think of services you can render online or a freelance job you can do and get paid in US dollars. You can create a blog, write quality content that solves a problem and monetize with Amazon or Google Ad sense.

5. Invest In US Stocks via a registered stock broker and start buying shares in foreign companies.

If you need more tips and advice, you can connect with me via mail (ndukweukabi@gmail.com)