Access Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rate In Nigeria

Access Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rate - Latest Fixed Deposit Account Interest For 30, 60, 90 & 180 Days In Nigeria From Access Bank Plc 2017 - You can connect the bank for 2018, 2019, 2019, 2020 and 2021 rate.

As a continuation of our fixed deposit account and interest rate comparison across selected banks in Nigeria, here is the second fixed deposit account review from Access Bank, one of the foremost technology and innovative financial institutions offering retail and corporate banking services to million of customers in Nigeria.

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Today, I logged into my Facebook page to reach out to Access Bank, via messenger on their current fixed deposit interest rates in Nigeria (as at May 2017). 

For non-account holder, you will be required to fill a form and tender passports of each of the signatory to the fixed deposit accounts, proof of identifications like National ID, international passport or driver's license before you can fix an amount with Access bank.

But, if you are an existing account holder, you don't have to open an additional account or fill any form rather you will be expected to request for a debit charge to your current savings/current account to the fixed deposit account after which interest will be paid monthly to your account.

Access Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rate For 30 Days

The minimum amount required to operate a fixed deposit account in Access bank is N100,000. However, an investment below N1,000,000 for a 30-day period attracts 6-6.5% whole N1,000,000 - N10,000, 000 attract 6.5%-8% for 30 days.

Access Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rate For 60 Days

The same minimum amount required for you can operate a fixed deposit in 30 days also applies to 60 days tenor. An amount below N1,000,000 attracts an interest income ranging from 6.5%-6.75% while above N10,000,000 comes with 6.75%-8.5%.

Access Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rate For 90 Days

On inquiry about the amount receivable on 90 days tenor investment, you will earn 7.25% at the end of the period. This interest is only applicable to an amount above N1,000,000. 

Access Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rate For 180 Days

If you decide to extend your preference to 180 days while investing above N1,000,000 you have 8% interest rate to enjoy.

The interest rate stated here are standard negotiable return - you can approve your account officer to negotiate a better rate.

How Fixed Deposit Work

  • A fixed amount is deducted from your savings or current account to a fixed deposit account.
  • Depending on the amount, and tenor, an interest rate is calculated on that principal which is divided by the number of months.
  • Your account will be credited monthly with the interest accrued while the principal and finalised interest are paid at maturity period.
Please note that information presented here is the result of my inquiry on the interest rate on Access Bank fixed deposit account.