Business Ideas For Stay At Home Mums In Nigeria Online

Business Ideas For Stay At Home Mums In Nigeria - Find Top 3 Most Profitable & Low-Cost Online Business Fulltime Housewives Can Start Now & Make Money

business ideas for stay at home mums in nigeria

This article focuses on the best business ideas for stay at home mums in Nigeria with a practical guide on how to get started now with what you have and become successful online.

2016 was a year of massive retrenchment, a lot of companies across top industries, even the one we thought were resistance to the crisis, shed staff in their thousands in order to save cost and remain profitable. Women workers weren't spared either,  a lot of them were laid off, some asked to resign as their services were no longer needed. What this means is that the number of women at home right now has increased and there is no sign that the figure (which is not known) is going down soon, the economy is rough now, exchange rate is high, cost of doing business is Nigeria is even alarming, and income from the man alone can't even sustain the family.

Being  a stay-at-home mum or full-time housewife comes with its frustration, if you are idle, but that does not necessarily translate to laziness, besides aside from the job-loss mentioned earlier, some women could be at home for other reasons; parenting is one of them, raising a child requires a lot of energy, attention and no one wants to take the risk of employing a nanny to do that. Besides, the way and manner you train a child determine how he/she will live (Proverb 22:6). I know a mum that resigned from a high-paying telecom job to raise her children and give them full attention.

As a stay at home mum, you don't have to relent or say 'I am raising the children, let the man bring the money' no! you have to turn the challenges of staying at home into an opportunity that will help you support your family financial needs.

What are the advantages of working from home:

  • You are in charge of your time, 24 hours, hence, you can monitor what's happening at home.
  • You are in control of your business and how it runs.
  • You save transport fare and have savings to invest in your business.
  • You are not subject to the day-to-day hassles. For someone in Lagos, you know what it means when you live on the mainland, your office is at Lekki and need to resume by 8 am every day.
  • Your husband will love you more (yes! men love a wife that owns a profitable business and is in charge of the house)

What you need to run a profitable business at home:

Gone are those where you had to save up to rent an office or a shop,  equip it with necessary items and wait for customers to walk in, the Internet is making life easier for a lot of mum in Nigeria and abroad. From the comfort of your home, you can join a network of business owners, reach millions of people online, sell your products and services. But wait, it doesn't happen like that, you still need to:
  1. Learn the skills necessary for online business success; they are internet marketing, customer relationship, money and time management. A lot of women that took their business from scratch to attain a million naira income understand each of these basic skills. You don't have to be a master, just start with current knowledge and mix wth internet marketing (a course that will help you understand what your customer's problem are and show you how to craft the desired solution for maximum sales),  then proceed to customer relationship, money and time managements.
  2.  Join a network of women entrepreneur (like She Leads AfricaWomen In Management and Business, etc ) share ideas, success stories and learn strategies others are using to expand their businesses.

Top Online Business Ideas For Stay At Home Mums In Nigeria

After a thorough analysis and comparison of various business ideas for stay at home mums in Nigeria, here my favourite low-cost businesses a full-time housewife can start in less than 24 hours and become profitable.

Blogging Ideas for Mum:

A blog lets you share what you love, and are passionate about to the people in your social network. As a work at home mum, you have a lot of time to talk about what you do every day and turn it into a business. For instance, you cook every day or at least three times in a week,  what if you create a food recipe blog that teaches other women how to cook delicious meals with a crystal clear and catchy picture that show the ingredients and stages of preparation. Such blog will definitely fly but you have to be creative, find what other food bloggers are not doing and capitalize on it. I love what the owner of did. She noticed that a lot of food bloggers write on how to cook and went the other way to show people how to fight diseases with food diets.

Here is a sample article:

On how you can make money from a food blog, here are top monetization models that work: recommend kitchen utensils and get paid per sale (affiliate marketing), write a food recipe book and sell, contact targeted advertisers and get them to promote their products, and finally, apply for Google Ad sense ads.
On blogging, other ideas stay at home mums can explore:
  • If you love following gossip and celebrity news in Nigeria, you can start a gossip blog like (monetize with adverts and affiliate marketing)
  • If you have grown up children that are well behaved, you can start a parenting or baby care blog that teaches young mum how to train a child, take care of growing babies with basic does and don't. (monetize with adverts and parenting guide book)
  • Start a relationship, dating and marriage advice blog for single and married folks in your social network. (monetize by selling your own book and organise a seminar)

Create Your Own Online Store On Jumia & Konga

The rate at which Nigerians are shopping online is growing tremendously. A lot of people now shop on Jumia and Konga store and wait for home delivery. You can take advantage of the millions of people visiting these sites by registering as a merchant and get your products listed while they handle the order fulfilment. You can sell makeup, beauty or fashion related products.

Let me share an idea, I know a woman that makes millions online from Jumia and Konga platform by selling Adult items; products people will ordinarily overlook in the public and love to buy secretly.  If your personal ethics allows it, you can venture into such product line, source your products from sellers abroad and sell via top stores.

Start a YouTube Channel

Youtube is no longer a platform for entertainment only, people are making millions from their videos channels.  My fiance started a channel called LatestAnkaraStyles where she shares her favourite Ankara fashion styles and in less than a month, all the videos uploaded received over 12,000 combined views. We monetized with the advert and are still driving subscribers growth using her blog.

There are millions of women visiting YouTube every day for fashion styles, makeup and beauty tutorials, latest news, celebrity interviews, pre-wedding photos and lots more. You can find one area of interest to pursue and create videos around it.
I always advise ladies to start from what they love spending money on by talking about it in front of a camera or a high-resolution smartphone, then upload on youtube and share on Facebook.

While these are some of the most profitable online business ideas for stay at home mum in Nigeria, you also need to discuss and seek advice from other successful women entrepreneurs.

Final note, your husband or fiance need to also support your passion as his attitude towards your business idea matters, if he says yes, you will succeed but if he says no, hmmm! speechless.