How To Attract & Convert Your Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

The hardest part of running a business in Nigeria is not really in attracting customers and getting them to see what you sell, as many thinks, the real result is when you have a perfect strategy to move them from people that make inquiries or first time callers, to warm prospects and finally make them become not only paying but repeated customers' which is the real sales that drive business growth. I always tell website designers and developers that the era of building an interactive and quality graphics webpages with the purpose of driving traffic to your website has passed, what we are right now is a "conversion era" -  learning the working steps to build a website that actually makes sales.

Attract & Converts Website Visitors Into Paying Customers

This article will help you understand the ground process of building an online marketing system that attracts targeted buyers who are already looking for what you sell and convert them to real product buyers. This is a sale funnel few SMEs know how to use and such have ended their marketing struggles.

I would like to share the biggest mistakes you may be making which are also responsible for your low sales.
  • Your website is poorly designed and is completely unconnected to your overall marketing objective.
  • You have not measurable growth numbers that reveal your real growth drivers; for instance, you don't know if you are loosing customers because of low traffic t sales, how people find your website online, why they buy your products or how many competitors you have, an alternative providers your customers might be running to, etc. This is very important for SME owners to scale up faster on a lean budget.
  • You don't have a lead collection strategy and an email marketing plan to connect with your customers weekly.
  • You don't have a content marketing plan which is the first stage of growth planning for early startups.
  • You think cash is the biggest resources to market your budget to new customers.
If any of these mistakes apply to your business, it's time to do a critical analysis and take a "U" turn, otherwise, you may be running a business you are not in charge of, which could fail at some point in the future. Failure is not even the problem of SMEs right now but the fact that they don't even know the specific reasons their business didn't grow is a major concern; which means there is the tendency that their next startup could fail if such errors aren't corrected.
In my few years of studying successful startup growth and marketing strategies, I realised that there are just three key skills new business owners must master if they want to grow their business and scale to a multi-million Naira income status. These skills are not thought in business schools, rather you learn them by following successful business strategies online.
Here are the growth driving skills every successful startup CEOs have:
  • They know how to attract targeted customers to their business.
  • They know how to convert these leads into paying customers
  • They know how to keep these customers and make them actively invite their friends
If you learn how to do these well, you shouldn't have issues expanding your existing business or starting a new business.
Let's talk about what each of these 3 core skills entails and how you can apply them:

They Know How To Attract Targeted Customers To Their Business

The first step to building a business that will grow faster is learning the strategies to always reach new customers who are looking for what you sell; remember, I didn't say "new customers", emphasis is laid on the segments of people already looking for what you sell, these are the real targeted customers your business needs, it's like a guy who looking for a good lady to marry, and had to approach anyone he sees on the street hoping that someday, he will find the right partner, do you think he can easily find one? the chance is very slim. But, on the other spectrum, if he takes his time to ask, where do good women who are looking for a man and are ready to marry hang out? such questions will help weed out the wrong places and help him focus on possible environments to find the right partner.
This scenario also applies to a startup CEOs who are looking for the perfect customers to reach; know where they are and reach these platforms with your marketing messages. To get these customers to find you easily, you must:
  • learn SEO strategies to push your websites to the top of the search engine; since most customers now go to Google when they want to know more about a product; that's one perfect place to connect with prospects that are looking for your products.
  • learn how to run effective Google AdWords campaign that explores the right keywords your potential customers are using to search your products online.
  • know the websites or blogs your customers visit more or the online community they hang out so that you can advertise your products on these platforms, instead of doing random TV, radio or general website adverts.
To get these customers to respond to your message faster, it's been proven several times that you should offer a part of your solution to them for FREE; "tell them the what and why, and let them ask you how"- Your paid solution is the "how".
This strategy is working for me; I am on the verge of launching an online food delivery startup and what I am currently using to attract pre-launch customers is "our FREE ebook giveaway on Soup Recipes for Diabetes", in just 5 days we have 100 email subscribers who have shown interest and will possibly be interested in such soup delivery service.
You can as well copy this strategy, apply it to your business growth plan and see how many potential leads you have on your email list.

They Know How To Convert Leads to Paying Customers

The second stage of this startup growth strategies is to learn how to convert these potential customers into paying customers. It's possible that a percentage of them might buy your products from day one. This guide explores ways to easily connect to the rest that isn't sure you are the right solution to their challenge. I am assuming you now have their email address which they submitted before download or gaining FREE access to your giveaway.
You can integrate the front form on your website to collect their contact information to your email service provider such that it organises all potential leads for onward follow up via email marketing.
Following the leads up via email marketing.
  • Send a thank you message with excitement with upcoming exclusive benefits they will receive as subscribers.
  • Send them another message on the reason the problem they are facing is worth solving and ways to reduce it.
  • Send another message that highlights the biggest risk of not solving the problem they are currently facing, this will build urgency into it.
  • Send another message that talks about the solution to the problem after reminding them of the risk inherent if they dwell in that challenge.
  • Share a customer's testimonial with real pictures, stories of how they overcame their challenge and introduce your product with a discount available to a specified limited customers who act within 3-5 days.
You might be asking, how often should I send these messages? You can do it every two days to avoid bugging them with constant emails and at the same keep them connected to your business.

They Know How To Keep Customers & Get Them To Invite Their Friends

After converting a percentage of your leads into paying customers, you don't have to sweat and think of starting over; the idea of keeping them and getting them to invite their friends will help you expand and grow your revenue. To do this effectively, you must have a working customer services strategy that makes sure you keep in touch with customers; find what they love, share birthday and marriage anniversary messages, and be their friends. When they are happy doing business with you, you can ask them to refer their friends with a reward on every successful sale they refer. It could be 10-15% on their next purchases, or FREE product giveaway or cash reward via affiliate marketing.

This skill is very important if you must take your business to the next level, in terms of customer base and revenue growth.
While these are my 3 core skills to attract and converts your website visitors in paying customers, you can also tell us how you have been growing your business and the marketing strategies that are working for you.