How To Attract New Customers From Abroad To Your Business

Do you want your business sales to grow by 200%? Use these tips to learn how to attract new customers to your business, get them to buy your product or pay for your services online.

how to attract new customers to your business
One sure fire way to expand your business is to start looking into other markets outside Nigeria;  not only will it boost your sales but also give you another line of customers that will buy greater quantity, and pay more in foreign currency. I guess you know what it means to make money in US dollars right?  as a business owner, it helps you hedge against depreciation of local currency especially if you also buy from suppliers abroad, increase in cash flow and diversify revenue channels.

Another interesting thing about attracting new customers from abroad is that they spend more on average than local buyers. This is usually because people buying overseas are not usually buying on price alone, but because either they can’t find the product locally, or they prefer to buy a particular brand”. (source)

For the past weeks, I have been compiling proven steps you can explore to take your business from where you are right now to reach global customers without opening additional physical offices. and discovered that a lot of businesses that implemented these marketing strategies now enjoy a steady stream of buying customers on their website and the resultant increase in foreign cash flow.

Before I share the top marketing channels you can explore to reach a new market, here are rules you must abide by if you want to increase your return on marketing effort.
  • Confirm that your hosting providers offer at least 80% uptime server to avoid displaying errors when you have more traffic on your site than normal.
  • Your website should be professionally designed, user-friendly with all products and services clearly visible to first-time visitors.
  • Your service or support centre is live and ready to response swiftly to inquiries and questions.
  • Your website or store is ready to accept payment in foreign currencies; US dollars.

How To Attract New Customers to Your Business

To join other local retailers enjoying patronage from foreign customers in US, UK, Europe and abroad, here are marketing channels you can explore and how to do it effectively:

Google Adwords Paid Search Marketing:

Google Adwords is an effective tool you should use to begin your journey to a new market.  It lets you define keywords that describe what you sell, create an advert around those keywords and make visible to international visitors in a specified country; you can choose one or more countries you want your marketing messages to reach.  I have explored this strategy to help my clients sell consulting services, locally-made products like crafts or agriculture produce.
For as low as $100 per month, you can reach a global audience in less 24 hours of going live.
Google Adwords is dubbed the fast method to reach highly targeted international customers who are actively looking for what you sell, hence has the highest return on your marketing investment.

International Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

This takes a bit longer, like 3-4 months, before you can see the actual result. It involves a lot of keyword researchers, especially low competition and high search terms, and creating clickable contents. No one wants to dissipate energy and time looking for what international customers are looking for and at the end, end up in 3-4 pages of the search result, that is why I always advise SMEs to explore other marketing channels while doing optimisations at the backend.
Most larger retailers should approach international SEO in one of three ways:
• Launching completely separate websites for each country (eg.
• By adding content into ‘subfolders’ (eg.
• By adding content onto ‘subdomains’ (eg. closely coupled with their main sites
One tool you can explore to monitor your SEO activates and track how well your website or online store rank on search is Google Webmaster Tool

Facebook Advertising:

 While Google Adwords lets you reach customers that are looking for what you sell, Facebook advert is best for businesses that understand their markets; it involves you asking specific questions about your target market like where they are, age, gender, interest, language, occupation, etc so you can send your marketing message to people that meet these criteria.
Facebook offers different advert options (video, text, news feed, etc) you can use to reach more markets.

Build Partnership With Merchants Abroad

You already have local customers that buy from you regularly, do you know that they are also an asset to drive foreign customers to you, how? Let me explain, the same way you are looking for new customers from abroad, US, UK, or anywhere, there are also businesses abroad (already serving your targeted markets) that are looking for customers in your home country (Nigeria), why not look for these business owners, so long as you are not in the same line of business to avoid competition, to partner. You can find business owners in a preferred industry on LinkedIn, tell them what you have, how you will refer your customers to them and in return give you the same opportunity.
While these are the four core marketing strategies will that attract foreign customers, you can as well share more tips on how to attract new customers to your business by posting a comment.