How to Enter Real Estate Business In Nigeria Without Money

How to Enter Real Estate Business In Nigeria Without Money - This Guide Contains Practical Guide to Start a Real Estate Business, Make Money Consistently & Earn a Living.
How to Enter Real Estate Business In Nigeria Without Money

Real estate is one of the most profitable business opportunities in Nigeria. Though, I quite agree that it that requires huge capital to start especially when you focus on buying properties, building, flipping and reselling but I do not believe that is the only way to enter the market. For beginners with little to no capital who also want to be part of the wealth creation power of the business and become successful in less time, this practical guide will expose the backdoor secret they can explore to also enjoy a portion of the billion naira sector.

"Some folks think you need billions of cash piled in your bank account before you can buy or own property portfolios in Nigeria which is what they believe is the actual real estate business". No! this is is the biggest lie anyone can tell you, besides I started this business without cash and will be sharing important tips to penetrate the market profitably.

The reason you should follow these practical strategies is that it earned me N210,000 cash in my second week of venturing into the business, and another N380,000 in the following week.

How did I do it?

It all started when I met a friend, Karo, who beeped me on Whatsapp that I should guess what? I was like, what is it? and she said she just made a whopping N630k commission from a sale, I said which sale, she replied, from plots of land in Lekki. I stood up where I sat and asked her, how did you do it? that was when she started sharing her journey to becoming a top-earning real estate sales consultant. As at when I wrote this report, she has already made more than that figure from the sale of several plots of land. Besides, there is a residual income that follows from a big sale involving payment by instalment: as the client pays, she earns a commission.

Why am I sharing her story?

You can start a real estate business with zero capital by going through the backdoor as a sales consultant and catch up with the top real estate billionaires who are exploring the buy, build and sell strategies.

A sales consultant is a professional that connects property sellers to real big time buyers and after a successful deal, gets a share of the transaction as commission which could range from N100k, to N10million depending on the value exchange. Some of them even create a real estate blog to advertise properties for sale on behalf of the estate agent or owner which in turn receives traffic that converts to sales.

How to Enter Real Estate Business In Nigeria Without Money - My Personal Story

After I registered with the same real estate agent, as Karo did, I decided to create a blog, publish relevant SEO articles on land purchases, I started doing promotion on social media network. In my first week, no sale and in fact, a lot of people were calling me but were sceptical as to the genuine nature of the business, you know how land matters are in Lagos state. Then I realised that the best place to start is where there is trust already established which led me to my immediate network; friends, family, relation and colleague. In less than 24 hours of one on one marketing, a friend contacted me and bought 5 plots of estate land that eventually earned me over 500K as commission on a single sale.

Today, I can say that I now sell real estate properties and would like to share practical tips to get started:
  • Improved your product knowledge - Understand all land documentations and follow real estate trending news in Lagos Nigeria  - this is what your client will test you on before they trusting you as a consultant. Right now, the hottest area to sell real estate opportunities in Nigeria is Ibeju Lekki, where there are ongoing construction activities; the Dangote Refinery, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Sea Port, etc. You can ride on this trend to close deals and make millions.
  • Partner with a real estate company interested in sharing commission on successful deals, I partnered with 6 top real estate developers who offer commission ranging from 15-20% on each sale I make with an indirect commission from sales my downlines make.
  • Start talking to your friends, business partners, colleague and family members - They already know you and will not be scared of doing business with you. Real estate is a sensitive business that requires lots of clarifications, due processes before you can convince a client to buy, so it's easier to close your first sale within an existing network than in a new circle. When you make a sale and build a network of successful clients, then you can turn them to your product evangelist and leverage their testimonial to sell to an outsider.
  • Start a real estate blog and post articles on latest properties for sale, learn search engine optimisation to promote your articles and drive targeted leads to your website with easy to locate contact information.
  • Be positive and believe in yourself, you will surely make it.
While this guide on how to enter the real estate business in Nigeria with no money will definitely increase your passive income, you can also share your ideas, ask questions and interact with me by posting a comment below.