How To Start A Makeup Business In Nigeria & Make $1000 Monthly

How To Start A Makeup Business In Nigeria - Learn How To Start a Profitable Cosmetic and Beauty Business With No Capital And Make Money From Home

how to start a makeup business in Nigeria

This article dissects how to start a makeup business in Nigeria with big internet opportunities in the makeup industry you can jump on the right now and take your share of the multi-billion dollar market. While there are local ideas you can read on another blog, I will be sharing a bigger internet market you can explore to earn up to $1000 online.

You might be thinking that such income is far from reality, $1000,  that's N485,000 at a black market rate of N485 ( 7/1/2017), but someone like Patricia Bright,  who has million of followers on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter, is making millions of dollars yearly from her love for make makeup. She is just one out of thousands of women who, through makeup, have built successful internet businesses from scratch, I only picked her so you won't say that such success is common among America or British women.

Beauty is an important part of life. Every woman wants to look beautiful and be appreciated by their man, friends and admirers and such try to seek more tips on how they can stand out from their peers. Take a few minute to ponder why women carry makeup kits in their handbags, that's to say beauty is a 24-hour unrestricted need for young ladies.

What you need to get started in the beauty industry:

  • A good equipment that will help you capture faces, before and after makeups with great photo editing applications. You can start with good android, or ios mobile phones, some devices today feature impressive camera setups that deliver clear and better picture or video quality than a camera. Android phones with 13MP camera supported by OIS, phase detection, autofocus, LED flash at both fronts or back end is ok.
  • Follow latest trends in makeups and learn the new facial makeover ladies want to wear.
  • You also need an internet connection so you can easily upload your pictures, videos online, and share it on social media.

How to start a makeup business in Nigeria

This is the only guide you need to start from ground zero, no capital required) and build a popular and highly successful makeup business online. It is not meant to be read but put into work immediately. Your result might vary, in figure and timing, but be rest assured that you are following a builder who put bricks upon bricks to build a house. All the guide and ideas mentioned are very important and have been what makeup entrepreneurs use to grow their businesses.

Define your real women audience.

Makeup is a business that serves women, but that doesn't mean your business is for all women, You must have a well targeted and define market. Know your customers, who they are, what they want, where they are and what they earn.  For instance, you can target working class women between the age of 30 - 45 or older folks above 50 who are looking for makeup artists that will help look younger and ageless.  Also, you can even serve hungry folks that are want to learn makeup and build a career in the beauty industry.  Where are these audience? most of them hang out on Facebook, spend more time chatting with friends and colleague.

Establish your own community of target audience.

One easy strategy to get started faster is to create an online community where your real target audience goes to, to find answers to their makeup questions. For instance, you can create your own Facebook fan page which shouldn't take you more than five (5) minutes, and use a brand name to describe it.  Names like Br MakeUp, Sleek Makeup, Prerite Make Up etc, are easy to remember, catchy and brandable. On your community, share uncommon makeup tips your targeted market will find useful and relevant. The easiest way to fast track your makeup community membership growth is to boost your post with $5 which will likely reach 2500 - 3000 women folks ( that are within your targeted market) on Facebook.

Create a Youtube Channel

Youtube now attracts billion of views monthly and a major part of this audience are women who are looking for helpful and entertaining videos to watch. One of most watch video tutorials is MakeUp, a lot of women wants to learn different makeup styles, colour shades, and best mix of colours on different skin.  Create a YouTube channel that shares the same name with your fan page and talk about your makeup skill, and expertise.

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I have built a Youtube channel that receives over 30,000 views in a month without spending a dime on an advert by using my simple success secrets.

How to make money

I assumed that you now have your Youtube channel up with videos showing your various makeup kits, tutorials, and tips, here are various ways you can make up to $1000 online:
  • Monetize your video views with Advert; have you noticed that before you watch a video on Youtube, a video will roll in asking you to skip in 5 seconds, a small promotion text at the footer section of the video or side banner? that is an advert that pays the owner of the video on either views or clicks.
  • You can partner with a makeup brand and sell their kits for a commission.
  • You can advertise your beauty business or makeup training and earn money from your services
While this guide on how to start a makeup business in Nigeria online will help you get started faster, you can share your questions via the comment box below for more tips.