Top 3 Blog Ideas That Make Money Daily In Nigeria

Find the top 3 blog ideas that make money daily & monthly in Nigeria without investing much capital but just your time and internet enabled laptop.

Top 3 blog ideas that make money daily nigeria

A lot of people want to own a blog and make money like Linda Ikeji but they forget that the way to run a successful business from scratch is not different from a blog. In fact, the free blogger platform from Google now lets anyone enter the blogging world in less than 5 minutes, which is one of the reasons more than one billion blogs fly around the internet today. But is that really what blogging is about? No, the world of blogging has evolved from just writing about what you love to sharing delivering exceptional value.

For instance, I may decide to create a blog on how to train a dog because I love the processes, time and result that comes with owning a dog that recognises its owner, does that mean I will make money from this niche? that depends on whether there are lots of people interested in this service and not my personal interest, if no one is looking for such service in my area, then I am just wasting time.

You get the idea now? running a blog to profit shouldn't be based on one's passion alone, even though it matters, but on what your targeted market truly wants and the commercial value that follows.

I have created 10 Wordpress blogs, some failed woefully even after receiving more than a thousand visits per day while few became a 5-6 figure income business. On a combined revenue estimate, I have made millions of Naira from the few that were successful than the many that failed. It even reminds me of the Pareto principle, where he said, "of all your efforts in life or business, 80% of your successes actually comes from 20% of the effort and vice versa." This also applies to blogging.

The big question now is, if I want to start another blog right now, what is the chance that it will become profitable? I am not saying that I am a prophet but you will agree with me that experience is a teacher that will help you save time and avoid mistakes. Hence, what I will do in this situation is to look at the few blogs that were profitable, spot the common trait in them and use that as a basis to starting my next blog.

In this guide, I will be sharing the three ideas I discovered in the blogs that make money so that you can learn from it and becoming a blogging entrepreneur this year.

Top 3 blog ideas that make money daily & monthly in Nigeria

  1. They focus on a niche with Advertisers If you want to attract big brands to sponsor or partner with your blog, then you should first do your homework on which blog niches have the most advert spending on the internet. A lot of bloggers don't look at this, they just go straight to create a blog, drive untargeted traffic with no definite audience behaviour and at the and spend endless time looking for who will place ads on their blog.  Even though it's been reported that internet advertising spend figure is already ahead of terrestrial platforms like TVs, that doesn't mean these advertisers are not paying attention to return on marketing investment. They want to spend on a platform where their potential customers are, for a better result. To be part of this billion dollar advert space, you need to spot niches with most spend; for instance, smartphone is a big industry a lot of sellers like Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, Apple, etc are spending big cash on internet and social media marketing, imagine that you own a smartphone discussion blog, what is probability of finding potential sponsor? very high.Also, advertising network like Google AdSense welcomes blogs in a niche with more advertisers than blogs with few advertisers, this is one of the secrets of getting a fast approval from them which many bloggers looking for Adsense income don't know.Here are my tricks to find niches with a lot of advertisers:
    • Go to, type the name of your blog niche and search.
    • Look at the top result, if there are more than two "Sponsored Ads" in green below the "Title", then you can go ahead; that means advertisers are spending money in that niche.
    This idea is tailored to bloggers that want to make money from adverts like Adsense, private product promotions, discount offers, or sponsored posts.
  2. They review products people buy online -Has there been any time you wanted to buy a product but wasn't sure of the specifications and had to look for someone that bought the same product or knows more about it, to see what their user experience was?  I have once been in that situation when I wanted to buy Infinix Note 2 smartphone. Initially, I was sceptical and needed to hear from people that bought it, read that it's a great smartphone and then, went ahead to place an order on Jumia store.You might be wondering why that is a blog opportunity. Here is the gap, imagine how many people are looking for reviews about the next product they want to buy but couldn't find any, where do you think they go to? "Google" to search brief specs of the product before buying. What if you created a blog that reviews such product and recommends online stores people will find prices online, hyperlinked with your affiliate link, so that when they buy, you get a share of the transactions online? that's is the big money making opportunity for this blog idea. Over 80% of the money I make from my niche blogs come from this business model popularly known as affiliate marketing.The reason this blog idea is very profitable is that it combines the power of educational selling to build trust, hence your blog visitors are open to buying from whichever store you recommend.
    To be successful in this type of blog, you need to:
    • focus on one product a lot of people search and buy online.
    • find a merchant or store that handles all the sales and delivery process without you lifting a finger.
    • compare and choose the products with high commission per sale.
    • know more about your selected product to the extent that you can review; share the features, benefit, what you don't like, price range and where to you online.
  3. They compare product prices across top stores
This type of blog is similar to the idea mentioned above, except that, while the product review tells intending buyers what a product features are, and price range, the price comparison blog takes a step further to make shopping  easier by comparing prices across top stores so that you can find the cheapest offers without browsing thousands of stores online.

As more people now switch to online stores for their next purchases, the need to compare prices becomes paramount, that if you can create a product review blog with prices drawn from different stores in one place, your visitors will feel so happy to find the cheapest deals and when they make purchases you earn a commission. There are lots of products you can focus on in this comparison blog; laptops, smartphones, wears, digital camera, TV, home theatre, and so on.

When I write about a selected product, I don't just show prices, but compare deals from at least two retail stores and let the buyer selection from the options presented.

While these blog ideas that make money daily are common among the most profitable blogs I run, you still need to do more research on finding the perfect products that fit these criteria. I love a product blog because most people that visit it have buying intention unlike the general news blog with just readers who want to read the latest news but are not ready to buy.