Top 3 Online Business Ideas That Pay Nigerians Up To $3500

These top 3 online business ideas that pay Nigerians up to $3500 have been carefully selected, among other internet business opportunities, to be the best to start now and earn in US dollars.
Online Business Ideas That Pay Nigerians
A lot of Nigerians are looking for ways to make more money as the economy crumbles and the rate of job losses in increases but not many have an idea of what currency they would like to earn online.

If you have read my eye-opening post on why you should start earning in US dollars, you will understand the downside risk of earning in Naira only.

The salary you feel is big now will someday lose value and only be big as a figure, inflation is real, prices are jumping up while the cost of living is increasing every day.
In this guide, I will be sharing top online business ideas some Nigerians are using to make up to $3,500 dollars per month, yes! that's a whopping N1,695.500 when you convert to Naira at N485/$1.

The big deal is not even the $3,500 figure but how the value appreciates when Naira loses value, I already shared some interesting tips on how you can make more money from Naira fall.

Before I share some of these top online business ideas and opportunities, I want to discuss key reasons you should own an internet business in Nigeria:
  • It requires little or no capital to start as you can get your business online in 24 hours or less
  • It doesn't require a physical office, you can run it from anywhere as long as there is internet connection on your smartphone or laptop.
  • You can reach millions of customers worldwide without spending billions on advertising.
  • The only maintenance fee payable for owning an online business is on domain name registration and website hosting.
  • It doesn't require your attention every day, you can set it up and let it run while you engage in other activities.
  • Yo can create more businesses out of an existing one which, ordinarily, is very hard to do for offline business owners.
  • It doesn't need legal registration at the beginning, Although, that may actually become necessary when you start growing.
Also, let's take a quick look at some important skill you need before you can successfully run a business online:
  • You need a specialised problem-solving skill; If you have worked as a video editor for a fashion company, you can build an online fashion-related business. or an accounting graduate who manages his company's finance can build a finance-related blog for SMEs. This is the first skill you need to perfect before thinking of how to start.
  • You need a website management skill (optional); This is not really a must as there are developers or designers you can outsource it to. But, what if your website goes down or something happen, would you want your business to suffer from delay when you can fix the issue? absolutely, no.
  • You need an internet marketing skill. I can't stress this enough because the success of your online business depends on how you project your image, sell value, make customers find your product and pay you. Every internet business starts with internet marketing, runs on internet marketing and is sustained via internet marketing. The moment your service or product is disconnected from your targeted market, that's where growth stops and decline sets in.
  • You also need finance management skill. When you start making money in dollars, you need a good finance skill, which covers paying tithe for your business, savings, investment, management, drawing marketing budgets and paying yourself every month.
  • The last skill you need is human resources; no one runs a successful business without a team. HR skill lets you spot the best talents, possible partners and keep a lasting relationship with your colleague, even when they leave.

Top 3 Online Business Ideas That Pay Nigerians


Blogging is one of the most profitable online business anyone can venture into and make money in dollars. I am not talking about the unprofessional looking website where you copy and paste from other blogs, it won't work.

Focus on owning a blog that attracts the US and international visitors, it could be a blog that targets middle and high-income earners living abroad. Start by proving relevant information that solves a common problem in a unique way so that you can stand out from the crowd.
For instance, as a Nigerian one of the most profitable blog idea you can run is to help Nigerians living abroad find information about travels, hotels & accommodation, latest news, real estate, business opportunities, importing parcels into Nigeria or even money transfers service while you sell your expertise to them in dollars (sell a special report for $10.99, $20.99 or  even $199.99 depending on the value they perceive).

Other ways you can make money from this is to partner with Google via Adsense, attract over 100,000 advertisers to bid and place banners that are relevant to your blog topics while you get paid for views or per clicks.  A lot of Nigerians like Linda Ikeji, BellaNaija, OgbongeBlog, etc are making good cash from this strategy.

You can connect with me or drop a comment with your contact if you want me to train you on how to run a profitable blog.

Create an App:

You will agree with me that mobile is the next big thing. Some top apps like iRokoTV, Facebook, Naij etc are cashing out millions of dollars monthly from their local users.
Why not find a problem, provide a solution to it via a mobile application and target international visitors who will pay per download or subscribe for your solutions. One app I love so much with lots of interest is a fitness app for people looking for flat belly or want to lose weight naturally.

There are many books on how to build a profitable mobile application.

Write a Book and Publish on Amazon:

A lot of Nigerian are making top dollars as Amazon publisher. This is one of the easiest business idea that pays Nigerians in dollars as it only involve you sitting down, write about a specific problem or challenges, show your readers how to solve it and convert it to an ebook (Amazon Kindle) and publish it on Amazon at a very cheap rate ($4.99 or $9.99). The power of your business is not in price per ebook, but the millions of buyers looking for what to buy on Amazon platforms.

The reason I picked these top three online business ideas is the fact that you own the system from scratch and can command more revenue if you put in more effort or get creative.

Have you started an internet business in Nigeria and would like to share more tips for my visitors to learn from, please share your comments, it might be what someone needs to get started.