Top 8 Profitable Evergreen Niches For Blogging In Nigeria

This guide on profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria explores the top 8 evergreen ideas that always attract readers to you a blog with strategies to drive traffic and make money online.

Profitable niches for blogging in nigeria

Blogging is not just an activity you decide to go into and expect to become a millionaire overnight, even though that was what a lot of people luckily explored a few years ago to make their first real cash on the internet, it has now become a career you have to sit down, take a deeper look at, ask relevant questions before you can embark on the journey (yes, it is a journey, not a bus stop to make money). The truth you may not like to hear is, the world of blogging now is highly competitive and difficult to penetrate. You can confirm this when you search for a specific keyword on Google and hit the search button.

Let's take the "smartphone niche" as an example:

Profitable niches for blogging in nigeria

This is "772,000" website results already online and now you are planning to start your own blog, how do you intend to outshine these blogs, and be among the top 5 bloggers in your niche?

Please note that I used "smartphones niche" because it is one of the most populated and highly competitive evergreen niches anyone can delve into right. I have been there am I know what it takes to remain at the top.

Does that now mean it's difficult to blog in Nigeria and make money? No, besides, This write-up is all about the top 8 profitable evergreen blogging niche you should enter while focusing on possible sub-niche to play.

I am not a fan of news blog where you would have to sit in front of your laptop 24 hours scouting for latest updates. This type of blogging lifestyle deprives you of your personal time with friends and family because you want to be the first to post breaking news. I'd rather create an evergreen blog that doesn't need everyday post but a very detailed and long article like this post, with the potential of being read over and over again, even in 50 years. Most of the blogs I run were built around niches like this and all I need to do is, take my time to come up with a topic that addresses my readers' challenge, recommend solutions and publish online.

Here are 8 profitable blogging niches to check out now:

Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria - Technology

The technology world is full of innovations, disruptions and new ideas on how to make a process easier - from gadgets, startups, tips, security, software, mobile applications and so on. For someone who is always open and keen to follow every latest happening in this niche, I'd rather advise him/her to launch a tech blog that shares the latest technology tips as there are millions of young people around the world ready to consume such information.
To be a big player in the technology niche, you don't have to talk about everything, just pick a sub-niche you are more passionate about and build your blog around it; this is what I explored when I started my smartphone blog and right now, it's currently receiving over 30,000 pageviews from search traffic. You can also follow my idea by picking a good niche with popular readers and explore the traffic method I shared here.

How to make money from technology blog:
  • Explore affiliate marketing strategies
  • Insert third party advertising network.
  • Review products via sponsored post.
  • Private advert placement.
  • Sell ebook on security tips.

Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria - Food

Everybody eats food and I am sure you do too. Food is a necessity and as such will always be on people's table. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to start your own food blog and share best food recipes with high-definition video guide. This niche has a lot of top blogs already enjoying massive traffic and as such, may not be easy for newcomers to enter. The best strategy to approach a blog in the food niche is to find a profitable sub-niche like local food recipes, healthy eating and diet and weekly food timetable for people with specific diseases or sickness. Your knowledge of SEO will help you scale faster.
How to make money from a food blog
  • Sell ebook on how to cook food recipes or diet guide for different diseases.
  • Explore affiliate marketing by recommending kitchen utensils.
  • Sell personal service - diet recommendation
  • Partner with food companies and sell private advert placements on strategic and visible positions
  • Use third party ad network like Google Adsense.

Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria - Health

When you visit the hospital you will never see vacant rooms, there are always patients to attend to with more people coming in daily for medical advice. This niche is very hot and broad, hence, I wouldn't advise you to go into it until you are well grounded in a specific field of health. Health niche is one of the high-paying niches on Google Adsense network; a click on certain keywords from the United State, United Kingdom & Canada can make over $10 which is not bad for new bloggers. however, there are strategies to be implemented before you can drive your blog to that level which are effective SEO and social media strategies.
Health and food niches are very sensitive, it's not a blog for people without adequate information as a wrong advice could cause damage to someone's health. This type pf blog is best owned by informed health specialist and qualified practitioners with sound experience dealing with specific issues. Sometimes, I wonder why most doctors don't own a blog, their advice alone can save a lot of people from health related issues.
Check our Dr Ketch, a food and nutrition expert with massive followers ( as at when I checked her Facebook page, she had over 90,000 likes with active members and engaged community). Such blog commands high traffic as its address popular issues common among people with specific solutions.

You can also cross "Health and Food" niche to produce a therapy blog, a strategy I explored to build "", a food recipes and diet blog for different diseases.

How to make money from health blog:
  • Write a book and sell to your blog followers.
  • Sell exclusive advice to community members via subscriptions
  • Offer private advertisement for top health companies.
  • Explore Google Adsense network for additional revenue.
  • Create a mobile application, offer FREE download and sell premium features at a recurring fee.

Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria - Fashion

Fashion is part of our lifestyle, we can't do without it. The growing need to explore the latest fashion and trendy styles stems from the fact that nobody wants to look odd, we want to be appreciated, and loved every day and as such, are always online to follow top fashion blogs. If you have an eye for good fashion styles suitable for male or/and female folks, why not get yourself a blog and start sharing what you know.
I love Enytan's idea of, a 100% personal blog that shares fashion styles you can rock. You can as well follow her style of blogging if you think you have a good physique.
Like I said in other niche ideas, don't build a general fashion blog, focus on sub-niches to quickly build a brand online; for instance, you can go niche by building a blog around Fashion styles for kids under 10 years to help mum find great styles they can help their children explore. You know your target market are mums with growing kids and not the kid himself. This is a clear sub-niche of fashion you can give a try, that's if you know how to dress your kids well.

That's just an idea of what a sub-niche is, more of such are fashion styles for single ladies, married ladies, pregnant women, single guys, married men, plus size, etc. There is another profitable fashion sub-niche no one is exploring in Nigeria and that is underwear styles for women. A lot of women spend money on inner wears like panties, bra and shorts, you can also create a blog that helps young women find and learn tips on maintaining underwears.
How to make money from fashion blog
  • Partner with top fashion brand
  • Explore affiliate marketing strategies by promoting fashion products.
  • Offer product review via sponsored post.
  • Third party advertising network.

Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria - Education & Career

Learning is an everyday activity, consciously or unconsciously, we learn from what we see, say or hear. There is no one who will say he/she has stopped learning. You can explore this niche by sharing what you already know; you don't have to be perfect, or a professor. Education cuts across all sectors and subjects and is even the most profitable of all. When you take a close look at other niches, you will see that indirectly you are "teaching your target audience what they don't know" and that's education. Whether you are teaching people how to secure their gadget or bank account online (technology), recommending the right diet for diseases or sharing ingredients for specific food recipes (Food & Health), exploring various fashion styles people can rock this weekend (Fashion) and so on, you will realise that you are sharing your wealth of expertise which is not unconnected to education.
But the education I am talking about is the area specific to exams, I read about and how he made N18m selling Jamb, WAEC, SAT and other exam past questions at a very cheap rate to students online in 3 years. This is a clear signal that this niche is highly profitable.

Some of the education niches you can also explore are; exams, tutoring, career switch, job interview tips, job vacancies, practise guide and exam preparation for young people.
How to make money from education blog
  • Sell ebook on specific subject area
  • Create a membership website and sell premium packages as a subscription.
  • Explore Google Adsense network for additional revenue.

Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria - Relationship

Who doesn't want to love and be loved? Relationship is another evergreen niche that attracts millions of readers daily, why? as people look for solutions to their marital challenges, seek advice on how to please their partners, resolve conflicts and get back their EX, a blog that addresses these issues will definitely grow and become successful. It's even more profitable when you focus on a specific challenge so you can be recognised as an expert in your choose sub-niche. I am yet to see a blog that shares tips to survive your first 5 years of your marriage; this is the critical moment when you just have to accept what you never imagined in your relationship and learn how to be patient. A lot of celebrities break up in Nigeria happen within 5 years, in which most are less than 2 years.

I have not seen a well designed and structured relationship blog that failed, if such happens, it means there is a missing idea that wasn't applied or people aren't aware of that sucg blog exist. You can learn my trick to attract traffic to your blog online.
How to make money from relationship blog
  • Sell an ebook that addresses a relationship problem
  • Explore subscription website and offer premium tips to tackle relationship issues and build a successful marital life.
  • Promote other merchants' products and earn commission on the sale.
  • Advertising network.

Profitable Niches For Blogging In Nigeria - Business

As people pursue alternative sources of consistent income to augment their current monthly pay, you can take advantage of this opportunity to create a small business startup, marketing and growth hacking blog. This type of blog attracts would-be entrepreneurs, who are ready to learn new ideas, explore strategies to start their business from scratch with marketing mistakes to avoid; this is the reason I started this blog, I want to use it as a platform to share what I know about turning an idea, from Zero budget, into a revenue-generating business. You can as well build a niche focused business blog that addresses specific challenges like attracting, converting, and retaining customers, financial management advice for SMEs, Hiring and payroll guide for business owners, and effective marketing strategies for early stage business.
How to make money from business blog
  • Sell private consulting services & business startup growth masterclass
  • Partner with successful CEO's and share their secret success strategies via eBook.
  • Offer internet marketing services for SMEs that want to expand their online presence.
  • Explore affiliate marketing model, help others their business books and earn commission on sales.
  • Third party advertising network.
While these are my top 8 profitable niches for blogging in Nigeria right now, you can also share more niches that are worth looking at and ultimately will be helpful for other readers by posting a comment below.