Work And Study Abroad From Nigeria - Remote Job Opportunities

Work And Study Abroad From Nigeria - Remote Job Opportunities In USA - Software Programming, Marketing, Management, Design, & System Admin For Graduates.

Work And Study Abroad From Nigeria - Remote Job Opportunities In USA - Software Programming, Marketing, Management, Design, & System Admin For Graduates.

Finding a high-paying job in Nigeria is not an easy task - not because you do not have necessary skills to secure a juicy position in a fast growing blue chip company - banking, Telecom, FMCG etc - but the power of demand and supply would not allow your real value to suffix. A country where the supply of top-level graduates far outweighs the demand, there is no doubt that employers, who are also keen to save staff cost, will find employees, who are willing to accept lower pay and offer similar value, cheaper.

Sometimes, the issue of high-paying job might not be depended on demand and supply curve, but how exchange rate affects the real value of your take-home pay, a Nigerian graduate earning N200k per month might not enjoy the economic value of this salary when the exchange rate of Naira against foreign currency take a south turn. 

What is the solution then? The best alternative is to sort for remote jobs outside the country, one that allows you to work and study abroad from Nigeria. The advantages of applying for this international freelance opportunities are numerous - from exposure to global workplace environment, learning from colleagues with diverse skills and knowledge, you can also enjoy high-pay (exchange rate) arising from USD appreciation against the Naira - for instance, let's say you earn $5,000 per month as a programmer in a US-based FMCG startup, that is N2,000,000 (at N400/$). A slight change in forex rate to N500/$ automatically adds N500,000 to your purse - This is just an assumption that's based on a long-term trend, there is also an accompanying risk of currency fluctuation - to the downside.

Where can I find work and study abroad opportunities online:

Here is a review of We Work Remotely, an online job platform that lists opportunities not restricted to a particular geographical area. The website lets recruiters, who want a result, not activities, find the most qualified talents in the most unexpected places or country.

The site is open to applicants from around the world - no registration required, just email address of the employers to indicate your interest and pitch your skills.

Companies that are currently looking for employees that will work remotely are CafeMedia, ABC Financial Service, Zapeir, BaseCamp, SkyVerge, DealDash, Scopic Software, PhishMe, X-Model Social Inc and Weber Design

Jobs you can check out on We Work Remotely are

Remote Programming Jobs
  • Senior and Junior Front End Developers
  • Swift Mac App Developers
  • Node.js Engineer
  • Expert Javascript
  • Senior Ruby Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Senior Software Developer
  • Experienced Full Stack Rail Developer
  • Application Security Engineer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Senior IOS Developer
  • Senior Content Management System Engineer
  • Full Stack Javascript Developer
Remote Marketing Jobs
  • Digital Marketer/Growth Hacker
  • International Business Developer
  • Sales Specialist
  • Marketing Support Specialist
  • SEO Specialist
  • Digital Media Buyer
  • Content/Product Marketer
Remote Business/Executive & Management Jobs
  • Finance Director
  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Web Infrastructure & IT
Remote Customer Support Jobs
  • Senior Account Manager
  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Customer Support Engineer
  • User Support Lead
Remote Design Jobs
  • UI/UX Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Senior Designer
  • CSS/UI/Javascript Designer
  • ADOBE Captivate/E-Learning Adult Learning Content Developer
Remote Development & System Admin Jobs
  • AWS DevOps Engineer
  • Data Architecture
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Production Service System Admin
  • Site Reliability Engineer
These are few of the daily job opportunities in the USA and are open for applicants outside the country - They don't require your physical presence but your ability to prove your skill, experience and convince the employer that you can deliver from home.