Buying Your First Server: Useful Tips

So, your business is growing significantly, and it is time to buy your first server. There is a big number of servers available on the market and it can be a daunting task to choose from a variety of options. Some servers can cost a little fortune, so before buying one, it is very important to understand which one will meet your company needs. Do you need your server managing multiple workloads as file sharing and data backup or only for emails? Does your office have enough space to accommodate a server or it can be connected remotely? Answers to all these questions will give a clear idea which way to follow and will give you best options to choose from.
Server basics

Although a small server may look like a modern desktop computer, both machines perform completely different tasks. A desktop computer is usually used by one person for work tasks such as emails, texts, presentations and so on. A server runs a special operating system, which gives users a wider functionality. It is focused on the work of multi-user applications such as email, messaging, print servers, databases, ERP and CRM systems.

Now your business needs are clear, it is time to choose a manufacturer, who does its job best in that particular server type. So you can be sure that you are buying a quality device and that is fully supported. Hopefully, your business will be growing, so does the amount of data.  This will usually mean that your server will require more memory soon. Your server has to have room to expand as well. You can use hard drives to upgrade your server with. In meantime, RAID configuration will have your business data covered, in case that any hard drives fail.
Operating system

When it comes to choosing a server OS for your business, look for security, stability and collaboration. The correctly chosen operating system will make sure that all applications run smoothly.

Support and maintenance

If your firm can not afford a full-time IT guy, IT Support can be always outsourced. Besides, the manufacturers usually offer maintenance as a package deal when you buy servers from them. So check the service level agreement before signing, make sure that it meets your exact needs.

Now you know your hosting needs, set a budget for your new server and stick to it. There are many vendors on the market and they all want your business.